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Here's what we think:

Say what you mean & mean what you say.....While not a big problem, some show organizers still just don't get it. Say one thing, then do another. If you attend a Top 50 show, then you certainly expect the TOP 50 vehicles to receive an award? Most of the time this happens and most also offer "specialty awards", i.e., Best Paint, Engine, Best of Show and so forth. If fewer cars enter, then it's not a problem and EVERYONE gets a Top award, with a select few also getting the Specialty awards. In most cases, however, there will be a larger number of entries, which could cause some hard feelings. We've seen Top 50 shows with 10 Speciality awards and over 100 entries. That should mean 60 awards going to 60 different cars. In some cases we've seen a car win 2 or 3 awards! Not fair in anyone's book. If you have a "Best---", then you're already a Top car and shouldn't compete for that award, giving another car a chance it deserves. A smaller, but still important issue, is the matter of advertised times & places. It seems simple enough: place of show, time show starts/ends, registration period, judging times and the time awards are given. We understand things can change, but organizers should adhere to four issues. First is the published location of the event. Sounds simple enough? Have the show where you say it will be and be there on time! Second is registration times, especially allowing entries well past the published times. Most shows aren't really benefit events, in the strict sense, so the practice of allowing those late vehicles isn't fair to the other participants especially just to get more money. Third is judging well before regististration closes, especially in classed shows. There is nothing more irritating to an owner, especially the first arrivals, than having your car judged in the middle of cleaning it. If time is such an important issue to the judges, then there should be MORE judges. Finally the forth, and by far the biggest, is the award presentations. They should be given promptly at the time specified and the organizers must make every effort possible to achieve it. The success of any show depends on the proper use of time. Our suggestion to the organizers is simple: Say what you mean & mean what you say. This will certainly make the event more enjoyable for all.

Cruise Problems.....Don't let some people ruin the fun for everyone else:
It's been brought to the attention of the Heartbeat Forum that some owners have operated their cars in an irresponsible or reckless manner during cruises in this area. Surely this cannot be? Hot cars, hot women, Saturday nights & testosterone? This is certainly irresponsible behavior and extremely dangerous to bystanders. The cruise organizers work hard to make it enjoyable for all, but we know there will always be those guys who want to show off for the crowd. We at the Heartbeat Chevy Club can only assume that most of the violators are younger drivers having some fun on a Saturday night, but this isn't to say that some "older" cruisers aren't feeling their oats too. We strongly urge that ALL cruisers, both young and old, to act responsible and maintain safety at the cruises. It only takes one mishap to ruin alot of people's lives. Also we would ask that all participants clean up their area and do not leave any trash behind. This also includes picking up after some thoughtless spectator too. You know those people. They're the same ones who let their kids climb all over your fenders. It's just a simple task that the hosts and the sponsors deserve.

And it rained 40 days and 40 nights.....The problem with Rain Dates:
Whether early in the season or late in the season, Momma Nature will play her tricks on the 4-State area and Murphy's Law rules in the wet weather department; if it can, it will. Let's now examine both sides of this problem. There's only so many weekends in the season and the annual events are usually held on the same weekend each year, sometimes in conjunction with other area activities. The main idea here, of course, is to draw the largest number of participants/visitors to all of the events. Car Shows are somewhat like Rummage Sales. Say what??? Rain doesn't usually dampen the competitive spirit of those involved. Sure it's great to have perfect weather, but we certainly don't live in a perfect world. Those hosting the events have expended incredible energy and money to make it enjoyable for all, so why let alittle rain spoil it? The Heartbeat Chevy Club feels this way: IT SHOULDN'T. Naturally a tornado or lightening should cancel any event for the safety of all, but any show that advertises a rain date will surely loose participants if the skies look bad, simply because nobody knows if it will be held or not. We suggest that hosts schedule the events rain or shine and make that point very clear in their show literature. This will put the pressure to attend, or not attend, solely on the participants, as it should be. There is nothing more frustrating than to travel some distance in the rain to a show and arriving to find it's been cancelled. If that event had no rain date set to begin with it shows a severe lack of preparation and thought from the hosts. The Heartbeat Chevy Club enjoys the events that offer rain or shine participation and appreciates the efforts of the hosts. We believe most of you do also.


Here's what we know:

New to this site is the Special Events page which will highlight special events & benefits in words and pictures. Also we've brought back the Slide Show, which enables visitors to more quickly view the photos of many classic cars we present.
By popular demand we'll now be posting Swap Meets on the Car Show Page.

The Heartbeat Chevy Club would like to use this forum to remember Bob Edmondson, a good friend who passed from this life on Oct. 31, 2002. Bob was a well known figure at the local car shows for years and was never without a smile. A competitor that always took home an award with his little red Chevy S-10. All of our hearts go out to Bob's family and especially his lovely wife Betty. Mr. Bob we miss you.

Sept 11, 2001 will forever be remembered. Join us in uniting together to fight the evil of terrorism and please support our troops.

Daytona Feb 18, 2001..The Heartbeat Chevy Club mourns the loss of Nacscar legend Dale Earnhardt.

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